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Haagen Dazs – Ice cream Fondue

After a wonderful dinner with some friends in Hong Hong, we happened to walk past a Haagen-Dazs store, which is renowned internationally for it’s ice-cream. I was attracted by a lovely poster displaying the current special – The Chocolate Fondue with Ice Cream. I have tried chocolate fondue a few times in Australia, but I have never […]

Jeff the chef and his catering company

When trying to host a party at home, the problem that I always come across is the catering. Being able to prepare, cook and judge the right amount of food to serve the guests is almost like a form of art.  I always like to impress my guests with my cooking skills, but just preparing […]

Creamy Bacon and Mushroom Pasta

Pasta has got to be one of my favourite dishes in the world. When I was a kid, mum would often make pasta for the family. But after moving out of home, visiting restaurants and cooking for myself, I’d have to say my pasta’s waay better than mums! (Sorry mum, you’ll always be better than […]

Victoria Market – Colours of Earth Pizza

The Victoria Markets is one of oldest markets in Australia I reckon it’s one of those must-go tourist destinations in Melbourne. It is always filled with vibrant colours from all the fresh food stores, yet it still maintains it’s classical charms from the historical buildings. The markets are known for their fresh produce, fruit and vegetables, meat, […]

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