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It’s always nice to end a fantastic dinner out at a restaurant with a yummy dessert. This time, a friend brought me to Passione, a dessert bar in New Farm to try some of their awesome desserts.

Gelato is an Italian word meaning frozen dessert and sometimes referred as Italian ice cream. It’s actually slightly different from regular ice cream, as it has lower butterfat content but higher sugar content than normal ice cream. Gelato typically contains milk, cream, various sugars, flavouring including fruit and nut purees.

When we entered the shop, I noticed the display fridges were full beautiful sorbet, gelato and chocolate and I immediately forgot I had just finished a big dinner. We quickly sat down and asked the waiter to give us some recommendations. There were just so many choices and combinations! After pondering through the menu for 10 minutes, we finally made our decisions.


Mint Delight – Vanilla and Chocolate Mint gelato, Tim Tam crush and chocolate sauce. My friend ordered this. He loved it as he is a mint lover.

Tiramisu – Tiramisu, coffee and vanilla gelato. Tiramisu is always my favourite.

Chocolate Obsession – milk, stracciatella and dark chocolate gelato. For Chocolate lovers.

Banana Lovers Waffles – Macadamia gelato with caramelised banana. Fresh made waffles. One of the best waffles I have ever had in my life. Highly recommended.

To all dessert, ice cream and gelato lovers, Passione is the dessert bar to go. I would recommend to go and give them a visit.

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Passione Gelateria & Dessert Bar
7/36 Vernon Terrace
Teneriffe, 4005

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