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I went to a Mexican restaurant for the first time last Saturday for a friend’s birthday dinner. This was something very different from the restaurants I normally visit. We arrived at 8 o’clock at El Torito West End. There were less than 15 tables inside and this tiny place was packed.

What is Mexican food? The first thing that comes to mind is Burrito’s and Nachos but on El Torito’s menu, there are more than 30 dishes on offer. Compared with the only two that came to my mind, there is a lot to choose from.

As I flicked through the menu, one of the dishes caught my attention – Mole Poblano, …Grilled Chicken with …Mole sauce (dried chillies… and Chocolate etc, etc). I was only glancing through but the words ‘sauce with chilli and Chocolate’ which completely baffled me got me excited. I read through again carefully; the dish is call Mole Poblano* – Grilled Chicken Breast Batch in a delicious home-made Mole Sauce (Dried Chillies, seeds, nuts, spices, vegetables and chocolate) Served with rice and two tortillas. Being chocoholics ourselves, my friend and I won’t normally miss out on trying chocolate but with chicken and as a main course, we were not very keen.

Hesitantly, we asked the waiter about how much chocolate will go in this sauce, and if we could have it separately with the chicken. But the waiter explained that the chocolate is already premixed in the sauce and unfortunately they couldn’t separate it for us. In the end, my friend and I decided to try it anyway. There’s always a first for anything.

Mole Poblano

The sauce on the Mole Poblano was thick and dark. After tasting it, I thought the sauce was very rich and the chicken breast was moist and tender. It seems that the sweetness of chocolate, spiciness of the chilli and all the other ingredients in the sauce were interacting with each other to create this distinct flavour. This dish has led my taste buds into a new territory that I have never experienced before.


Soft flour tortilla filled with beans, rice, lettuce, sour cream, and cheese and salsa fresco with Shredded Chicken – the healthier choice for the night. According to my friend, the salsa fresco was fresh and not too saucy for this dish.

El Torito is fantastic little Mexican quarter with its special colours and taste. I can now tell others that chocolate can actually go with chicken, and taste great too.

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El Torito
146 Boundary St. West End, QLD 4101
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