Squid two ways

One of my mates has just recently bought a boat and took me out to the bay for a bit of squid fishing. It must’ve been my bad day of something because I couldn’t manage to catch any while the others caught one after another. By the end of the afternoon, we had enough for everyone (even me) and went home.

I was feeling kind of tired after spending the day fishing but I didn’t want to waste the fresh squid. I had a quick look around the house and found some leftover rice which, being typically Asian, means fried rice.

So I decided to try and make something simple and tasty. Firstly, I made sashimi with one of the smaller squid. And with the larger ones, I made stuffed squid tubes.

After cleaning the squid, I chopped up the tentacles, lightly marinated it with rice wine, sugar and soy sauce and cooked it with the fried rice. Then I stuff the fried rice into the squid tubes, sealed them with bamboo skewers and grilled them on the BBQ.

I’ve never cooked squid like this before and came up with the idea on a whim but surprisingly, it turned out rather well. Probably because the squid was really fresh though – so much so that the sashimi tentacles I ate stuck to my tongue!

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