Gourmetblog iPhone/iPad App

I always want to have an iphone app for my blog, however, I don’t know how to write it at all. Today, I found this app in Apple store – Bloapp It helps me to create my  own iphone app in less than 5 mins and the best thing is, it is absolutely free.

I downloaded Bloapp from apple store and registered my blog with them. I customised the look and feel of my app by uploading my own logo and background images. They also provide different font styles, sizes and colors of the blog posts. In this way, I can retain the same look and feel of my blog.

After I completed the customisation, the QR code was generated for Bloapp readers to bookmark my blog.

Here is the simple instruction how you can install Gourmetblog app in your iPhone/iPad: 

Install Bloapp from Apple store

Don’t forget. You can bookmark as many as your favourite blogs in Bloapp.

Enjoy the app!


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