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I’ve been reading about this restaurant on this blog Hungry-Kittens and last week. There are a number of good and bad reviews about Glamorous Wok, with over 50% of liking it on Urbanspoon. So, we decided we had to try it out ourselves to decide whether it is any good.

We booked a table for Friday night. The place has been nicely renovated and the decorations certainly brought back our memory about Asia. While we were waiting to be seated, I glanced through the restaurant; the whole place was fully seated and still, a number of people coming in asking if any free tables were available. The manager had to keep apologising for disappointing her customers and turning them away. Considering this place is still ‘the new kid on block’ at Sunnybank, it was bad for their Friday night service with all this traffic in and out of the door. Remember to book if you plan on visiting.


When we finally settled down and went through their shiny menus, we noticed the photos on menu looked wonderful and certainly helps us to decide what we wanted for dinner. We just hope the dishes will turn out as good as the photos.  We ordered four dishes and one soup between five of us.


First to arrive was the Pork intestine soup with Chinese pickles. It may sound a bit nasty because of the pork intestines involved in this dish, but trust me – this soup is one of the best Taiwanese delicacies. The soup is slightly salty with Chinese pickles in it, but like the traditional one, the soup has a fair amount of white pepper that makes it the perfect choice for a cold winter night.


The second dish for the night is The Crystal Chicken with Garlic Soy Sauce and Sesame Paste. This is a cold dish but I have to say, it is the hero dish for the night. The chicken skin was glossy and looked very enticing. The Chicken meat was moist, tender and firm. I couldn’t taste any fat between the skin and chicken meat, just like the ones I had in Asia.


The next one is Gold & Silver Eggs with Loofah. The dish was nicely seasoned and the vegetable was very soft, but not too soggy. Good dish to have with rice.


This is my friend’s choice Sour and Spicy Pork intestine. This dish was okay but I would have to say that we couldn’t taste much of Sour and Spicy flavour in this dish.

Last dish for the night was the BBQ Pork Ribs. I think Maybe it’s not the best choice of cut to use for this dish. The meat was a bit tough, but I did like the marinade sause for this dish.

Just like most of the people that have reviewed this place, I too think there are good and bad at Glamorous Wok. Overall, we were quite impressed with the quality of dishes we had and there was no deceptive differences between the menu photos and our dishes.  This is a nice place to bring your extended family and a bunch of friends for your next gathering. We would love to go back more often and to try their special hot pot next time.

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Glamorous Wok
Shop K4 Sunny Park Shopping Centre
342 McCullough St.
Sunnybank, 4109
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