Hosokawa Japanese Restaurant

When craving for good Japanese food in Brisbane with a reasonable price, Hosokawa Japanese Restaurant at Racecourse road is place you need to go.

It was a Saturday night and pouring with rain when we decided to go for a visit. We weren’t sure if we needed to have a booking at Hosokawa so we turned up confidently. However, we were nearly turned away as the restaurant was fully booked for the night. Lucky, I spotted a couple at the sushi bar that had just finished and about to walk to counter to pay for their bill. After waiting a few minutes, we were given the seats right in front of the Sushi bar and ready for our Japanese feast night.

Going through the menu, it prominently features Sushi, Sashimi and Nigiri – very traditional Japanese cuisines. We decided to go with a Sushi platter, Tempura Udon and Grilled eggplant.

While waiting for the food to arrive, we started talking Akio Hosokawa – the Chef at the Sushi bar, who we later found out is also the owner of the Restaurant. Akio had more than twenty years of experience as a chef and had worked in different Japanese restaurants in Japan and Brisbane, but it was his first time being owner of a restaurant.  While watching Akio prepare for our Sushi Platter, Akio was very pleased with his seafood (at Sushi bar), which is delivered fresh from Sunshine coast daily.

When our Sushi Platter arrived, I was quite surprised at the generous portion size.  The fish was tasted fresh and sweet, and the goodies on the platter vary depending on the catch for the day, but basis includes: Salmon, Tuna, prawn, hamachi (yellowtails), Ikura (Salmon Reo) and scallops.

The highlight of our dinner is definitely the Grilled Eggplant with sweet miso sauce and topped with sesame seeds. When I scooped the soft eggplant out of its skin, a layer of grilled sweet miso was visible on top of the eggplant. The miso was salty, but went perfectly with the sweetness of the eggplant. We made sure that nothing went to waste; we even had a share of the eggplant skin to finish it off.

Tempura Udon – it was the perfect choice for cold and raining night. Udon was tender with tempura prawns and vegetable.

It’s a casual little place, friendly staff and good customer service. The food and staff certainly brings back the memory of  our trip to Japan.

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Hosokawa Japanese Restaurant
Shop 3 / 53 Racecourse RdHamilton, 4007


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