Chat Thai

Chat Thai is a chic and modern Thai restaurant in Market Square Sunnybank. Having only opened up in the last couple of months, it has certainly become one of the hot spot for foodies.

Arriving on 7pm on a Friday night without a booking, we were very lucky to have a table available for us (after waiting 5 minutes). Chat Thai had an open kitchen with a grill set up right in front of restaurant so while we were waiting for our table, we could watch the chef cooking on the grill. Along with the fragrant smell of spices on the grill, we were more than ready to start ordering when we sat down. We could not resist to order the Grill Skewered Pork Stick and Thai Fish cake as our entres.

Grill Skewered Pork Stick – the pork pieces was well marinated with fish sauce and well balanced with the dipping sauce.

Thai Fish Cake – the skin was dry and they were just warm inside. It seems as though they have been precooked and reheated in the microwave when we ordered it. We would definately not go for this again.

For mains, we ordered Grill Chicken with Rice and Pad Thai, a classic Thai dish.


Grill Chicken with Rice – The marinated chicken was the key to this dish. After the first bite, I know we have made a good choice. The chicken was cooked perfectly on the grill, crispy outside but tender inside and truly bursting with different favours, especially the coconut juice, which I think was the hero for this dish for its outstanding favour. I always love to find out what are the secret ingredients with dishes, so that I can use them to make supreme dishes for my next dinner party.


Great Presentation with this dish. Pad Thai translated to English means Thai Stir-Fried.

The key to this dish was not to over-cook the noodles and to use fresh ingredients and fragrant favours. This dish had embraced traditional Pad Thai cooking method and had a good balance of sour, savoury and sweetness. The noodles were cooked evenly, the chicken and prawns were tender and juicy.

Overall, we would say this contemporary Thai Restaurant has its good points and bad (maybe it’s only the fish cake). If we are curving for Thai next time, we will come back for some more.

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Chat Thai
Address: Shop 8 Market Sq Cnr Mains Rd And McCullough St, Sunnybank, 4109
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