Chinese Breakfast – HK Ocean Empire Food Shop

When I was growing up in Hong Kong, my grandma would always take me to have congee (rice porridge) and chinese donuts on cold winter mornings.  The hot congee would make you feel warm for the rest of day.

This time while I was in Hong Kong, I thought about trying to find a place that could remind me of my childhood and the old traditional flavors that I remember.

I went to a store called the Ocean Empire Food Shop. They are a series of chain stores in Hong Kong that specialise in serving congee. They have been around for a very long time and have more than 40 stores all around Hong Kong.

The first thing I noticed as I entered the shop was how clean and tidy everything was for a such a small place. I sat down and was surprised at the colourful and detailed menu. They were all professionally printed, with a lot of attractive colour photos which seem to be also shot professionally. Okay it makes my eating nerves moving. It is time to order some good food….

Congee with dried squid, chinese donut on top. The congee was very rich in flavour, thick and soft – just the way I like it.

Plain rice noodle with bits of dried shrimp and spring onions. Very simple but nice, traditional taste

Rice noodle wrapped with Chinese donut and Fried noodles. This was especially good because the Chinese donut inside was nice and chunky and freshly fried.

Ox Tongue Pastry. Hot and chunky, but not too greasy. I like the brown sugar topping and it tasted very good.


My belly felt much warmer after the breakfast and made my whole body feel warmer too. All in all, this was a great selection of traditional chinese breakfast foods in Hong Kong, and a great start to a day in this busy city.

Hong Kong Ocean Empire Food Shop


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