Jeff the chef and his catering company

When trying to host a party at home, the problem that I always come across is the catering. Being able to prepare, cook and judge the right amount of food to serve the guests is almost like a form of art.  I always like to impress my guests with my cooking skills, but just preparing the food normally takes me a whole day – from making a shopping list, going shopping and then back home and getting everything ready before the party starts. Not to mention finding time to enjoy the party while cooking the different courses.  This may sounds pretty bad but I’ve found the perfect solution to the problem (if you don’t mind to spending the money). A couple weekends ago, a good friend of mine hired Jeff the chef catering company to cater for her boyfriend’s birthday party so they could relax and spend more time enjoying the party.

I arrived early to the party, expecting to help set up but to my surprise, Jeff had already unboxed all of the fresh ingredients and was all prepared for the party. After two round of drinks, we were all ready to fill our stomachs with delicious foods from Jeff.

First up – Grilled Chermoula and Garlic King Prawns with Tartare Sauce

Peking duck breast crepe with plum and ginger sauce

A bit difference from the normal Chinese Peking Duck with the Chinese pancakes and crispy duck skin.  The duck breast in this dish was tender and cooked to perfection, wrapped in the crepe and served on a cute bamboo plate. Along with plum and ginger sauces, this dish has surely whetted my appetite for food to come.

Spit roasted beef eye fillet with red onion jam, dijon and pesto mayonnaise on a mini Panini roll
The fillet was cooked at medium level and was a little bit too pink for my liking, but along with the Panini roll, it was very filling for me.

Greek style calamari with tsatziki

BBQ chicken skewers with mango chutney

Pork and veal sausage rolls with tomato chilli chutney

At the end of the night, everyone was very satisfied and my friend was a very happy customer. It was a carefree event for her by having Jeff as the chef and other catering staff at her party to serve all her guests. I was very impressed by Jeff the chef – who simply used all fresh ingredients and prepared a number of simple gourmet hors D’oeuvres throughout the night. If you do not mind spending the extra money and to hiring a good catering company, this is surely the best way to ensure that you will enjoy your night.

Jeff the Chef – Walker Catering Pty Ltd
Juno Crt, Eatons Hill QLD 4037
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