Haagen Dazs – Ice cream Fondue

After a wonderful dinner with some friends in Hong Hong, we happened to walk past a Haagen-Dazs store, which is renowned internationally for it’s ice-cream. I was attracted by a lovely poster displaying the current special – The Chocolate Fondue with Ice Cream. I have tried chocolate fondue a few times in Australia, but I have never tried it with ice cream! And world famous ice-cream too!

So without a second thought, I head into the store, pondering what ice-cream and warm chocolate sauce would be like mixed together. After 10 minutes or so, our Chocolate Fondue with Ice-Cream had arrived – and it looked absolutely amazing! As well as a range of ice-cream flavours, there were pieces of fresh fruit and cookies to indulge on as well.

The first thing I tried was of course, the ice cream with the warm chocolate sauce. I took one of the mini ice-cream balls, dipped it in the warm dark chocolate sauce and ate it in one go. The sensation is a bit strange and hard to describe. Initially, you can feel the smooth, warm chocolate sauce, kinda like a thick hot chocolate, then all of a sudden you feel the cold ice cream. The temperature difference in the warm chocolate sauce and cold ice cream as they start melting together inside your mouth is… kinda strange, but also, quite exciting. Combined with richness and sweetness of the chocolate sauce and ice-cream, this desert really left me utterly speechless..

The serving was very large and although I had another 2 people with me, we could not finish it.

24 mini scoops of ice cream: Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies and Cream, Mango and Green Tea. All placed on top of dry ice.

Peach, Kiwi Fruit, Strawberries..

Honey Fruit Cookies, Butter Cookies, Marshmallows….

The dark chocolate sauce…

Can you handle this?



Haagen Dazs have a lot of shops in Hong Kong. I went to one of those in Tsim Sha Tsui

Shop No. 12, G/F., and 1/F., Hong Kong Pacific Centre, 28 Hankow Road, T.S.T.

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