Kam Fung Cafe@Hong Kong – Hong Kong traditional food

When talking to locals about traditional Hong Kong food, many people will recommend the ‘Hong Kong style cafe’ but what is this exactly? Let’s begin by going into some history.

After World War II, only high class restaurants provided western food in Hong Kong, and they were very expensive and exclusive. At that time, western food was beginning  to change Hong Kong’s eating culture, with the introduction of sandwiches, french toast, etc. As a result, small cafes started to open that provided western food at a much more affordable price that was available to everyone. At first, they mainly served tea & coffee, sandwiches & toast and as time went by, these cafes became more and more popular and they served a larger range of food, becoming today’s “Hong Kong style cafes”.

In Hong Kong, there are thousands of  “Hong Kong style cafe”. They mainly purpose is to provide simple and quick meals at all hours of the day. Their service is all about efficiency and speed, matching up with the typical Hong Kong busy lifestyle. Everything is quick and simple. When you are dinning at one of these cafes, it may only take you 15-20 minutes from the time you sit down to paying the bill and leaving.

Today, I am going to introduce one of my favourite cafes, Kam Fung in Wan Chai.

Hot milk tea (left), Pineapple bun with butter, cold milk tea (right)

Kam Fung cafe is very small and very simple. It can only fit about 40 people and has no noticeable decor. But they provide quick, simple and affordable food and drinks. They have their own bakery to provide fresh bread, buns, cakes, pie and tarts everyday. The food is served very quickly and you have to eat quickly because you can see people waiting outside. Maybe this seems a bit rushed but this is what the Hong Kong lifestyle is like – everything happens very quickly. If you are looking for a place to relax then the Hong Kong style cafe would not be a good choice. But this is definitely a good place to see first hand Hong Kong culture and how Hong Kong people live.

Hot/Cold Milk Tea(HKD $13 AUD$1.8/HKD $15, AUD$2).

The most famous drink in this cafe. Smooth, rich and aromatic. The Cold milk tea does not come with any ice, and is one of their special features. This will make sure the drink will not be diluted when the ice melts. More than 1000 takeaway cold milk tea can be sold in an afternoon in hot summer. On the subject of tea, there is something that I should share – each cafe has their own formula and ingredients to make their tea. The tea brewer will mix a range different types of tea leaves and other ingredients into their teas. I have heard some will also add egg shells in it and put it in a specially made teabag. Those teabag look like women’s stockings, which is why sometimes the milk tea will also be called “stockings milk tea”.

Chicken pie(HKD $7 AUD$0.8) – Crispy and soft. The filling is saucy with a rich chicken taste. One of the more well known dish in this cafe. Highly recommended.

Set Lunch meal(HKD $27 AUD$3.8) – Satay Beef and Pasta in Soup, Ham Omelette, Bread with Butter with a hot drink. Changing to a cold drink will be an extra HKD$2 AUD $0.3. Simple set meal.

Egg tart (HKD $4 AUD$0.6) – Outside is crispy pastry, the inside is creamy and soft.

Pineapple Bun (HKD $4 AUD$0.6) with Butter (HKD$2 AUD$0.3) – The topping is soft and thin. Yummy!!


1. Cash only. Waiter will write your bills total on piece of a small paper. Take the paper with you to cashier to pay when you finish.

2. Be prepared to share the table with someone else when it is busy and crowded. Some people may not like this but this is one of the uniqueness of Hong Kong style cafes.

3. Do not go there in during lunch time and breakfast time – it will be packed. Do not go there after 5:30pm because a lot of items will be sold out.

4. Best time to go is 10-11.30am….2.3o-4.30pm. I like to go there in the afternoon because the tarts and pies will be freshly baked and made to come out at that time.

5. Sit down, order, eat and go to pay at the cashier. Altogether it should take about 20-3o minutes. It is not a place for to sit there for a long time.

6. These cafes are really small and packed. Be patient.


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