Maru Finest Korean BBQ Restaurant

I drive pass Maru Korean restaurant almost every time we go shopping at Market Square. Occasionally, I noticed the restaurant was full of customers. For us, this is a good indication of good food. We were craving for something different this Friday night, so we  decided to visit Maru Finest Korean BBQ Restaurant.

After looking at the menu for traditional Korean dishes, I cannot go past the Dolsot BIbimbop. Translated to English, it means mixed rice or mixed meal served in a heated stone Pot.  According to my Korean friend, the bottom of stone bowl would initially be coated with Sesame oil, then rice is placed in the bowl and covered with vegetable, beef and an egg.  Once the dish served on the table, all ingredients should be stir through with KochuJang the red Chili Pepper Paste before eating. The chilli paste would normally be served in a separate dish, so you can control the spiciness of the dish.

The dish was a great stimulation for our taste buds, with a combination of spiciness mix with vegetables, beef and rice. Because the rice is in contact with the heated stone bowl, it becomes slightly more crispy and crunchy. Every bite seems to have different combination textures.  This would be an appropriate choice for cold winter night. Even while I took 15 minutes to finish the dish (I am a baby when it comes to spices), the rice was still warm until the last bite.

For Pepper, it’s down to something simple – Soft Tofo Seafood spicy Soup

As the dish was served on our table, we thought to ourselves this soup would once again heat up our taste buds. As you may tell from the colour – it was RED HOT.  The soup was very spicy, but we could still taste the sweetness of the seafood through the soup. As with most Korean soup dishes, they usually come with rice. The spiciness definitely whetted my appetite and made me sweat throughout my meal (even with the bowl of rice to balance out the spiciness). This  is one not recommended for the faint hearted!

Side Dishes

One of best thing in going Korean restaurant is that all main dishes comes with side dishes. It will vary from place to place. Sometime, you can get up to 10 different side dishes that can be potentially a taste safari for you (if you are new to Korean food). One of the must have dish is Kim-Chi. According to my Korean friend, this is the one of the most important dish for all their meals (believe or not, even breakfast). Also, do not be afraid to ask more once your side dishes are finished. From our experience, most of places offer it free of charge. No harm for just asking right?!

Gam-Ja (Sweet Soy Braised Potato)

Kim-Chi (Fermented Cabbage)

Kong-Na-Mul (Seasoned Bean Sprout)

Maru Korean BBQ Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Maru Finest Korean BBQ Restaurant
Shop 3, 9 Lewina St, Sunnybank QLD 4109
(Behind Westpac bank at Market Square)
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