Dinner in Oshin Japanese Restaurant

Today, I was invited to my friend’s birthday dinner in Oshin Japanese Restaurant. It is a locally famed Japanese restaurant in Brisbane City. This small but lovely restaurant has a very strong ambience with Japanese furnishings and traditional art works and music. The chef and staff are from Japan offfering impeccable service.

I began my set dinner (Plum Course) with green tea. In the meanwhile, I can watch the highly experienced sushi chef preparing meals behind the courter.
The Plum Course comes with 3 courses:
  • Savoury Egg Custard

Savoury Egg Custard is so smooth and silky.
The custard egg mixture typically flavored with soy sauce, dashi, and mirin with ingredients such as mushroom, ginkgo and shrimp.

  • Chef’s special two items
Deliciuos vegi sushi and chicken bowl

  • Combination of sushi & sashimi
fantastic sushi, colourful sashimi

Main Course:
– Steak
– Rice
– Miso Soup
The combinatoin of steak and vegi gave a plenty of colors: red, brown, green, white and yellow. And also a veriety of flavors and textures.
  • Green Tea Ice Cream

My meal was filling, however, when I saw next table was served with a beef sashimi, I could not help myself to order a serve too.

Overall, I am very happy with the meal and service. The meal are well-presented traditionaly with an array of different dishes to complement each type of food. The waitresses were polite, friendly and efficient. They all looked beautiful in their traditional kimonos. I will definitely coem back and try some more of their menu options soon.

Oshin Japanese Restaurant

Lvl 1/ 256 Adelaide St. Brisbane QLD 4000

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